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Race Plan

Rowing is a mainstream sport and college recruiting is highly competitive and can be very stressful. In order to get the process started,  we meet with the rower/coxswain and parent to create a college recruiting plan which outlines expectations and goals commensurate with rower/coxswain’s performance both academically and athletically.

Recruiting Roadmap

Rowing and coxing alone does not automatically lead to successful college recruiting results. A rower/coxswain must distinguish himself/herself in order to get noticed by college coaches. Academic and athletic performance will determine which college coaches will be interested. We understand what colleges are looking for in a student-athlete and provide the guidance necessary to find the best match for our clients.

Start Now!

All recruiting is personal. We understand the recruiting process at each college rowing program. We provide accurate information personalized for each client's needs and goals. We have a proven track record and are available 24/7 to successfully guide our clients through the recruiting process.

Client Testimonials

Praise for Rower's Edge

Gail and Rower’s Edge are simply the best! Gail helped navigate my daughter through the whole complex process of recruiting with such clarity and forethought. Gail was incredibly organized about how to proceed and always knew the right questions to ask my daughter about her decision making process. We were very impressed that although Gail’s consulting was related to rowing, she approached our daughter holistically and helped her find the right path, not only with regard to rowing in college, but with regard to her overall well-being. Also, Gail was always extremely accessible to provide guidance for my daughter whether by email or phone call and her advice was consistently spot on. Gail transformed a potentially tense and confusing process into one that was much less stressful and even exciting. Gail and Rower’s Edge are invaluable!

Praise for Rower's Edge

Thank you to Rower’s Edge for all the help you provided our family…it truly took the drama out of the whole process. You helped our daughter create a clear game plan with what she needed to do and how to work the recruiting process. We did not have to nag or worry. Your first-hand knowledge of  rowing programs made it much easier to figure out where she would best fit…she is ecstatic with her match and knew by October where she was getting recruited. Thanks so much for making the entire process so painless. We would recommend your services without hesitation.




Praise for Rower's Edge

Rower’s Edge was an invaluable resource for our family throughout the college search and application process.  Starting with the development of a plan in our son’s junior year and taking us through the “finish”, Gail and Maura kept our son on task, reminded him of deadlines, and were readily available by phone, text or email to field questions.  By remaining in close contact through the process, Rower’s Edge was able to ask the important questions of the child, making them think about what they want from their college experience.