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Race Plan

Rowing is a mainstream sport and college recruiting is highly competitive and can be very stressful. In order to get the process started,  we meet with the rower/coxswain and parent to create a college recruiting plan which outlines expectations and goals commensurate with rower/coxswain’s performance both academically and athletically.

Recruiting Roadmap

Rowing and coxing alone does not automatically lead to successful college recruiting results. A rower/coxswain must distinguish himself/herself in order to get noticed by college coaches. Academic and athletic performance will determine which college coaches will be interested. We understand what colleges are looking for in a student-athlete and provide the guidance necessary to find the best match for our clients.

Start Now!

All recruiting is personal. We understand the recruiting process at each college rowing program. We provide accurate information personalized for each client's needs and goals. We have a proven track record and are available 24/7 to successfully guide our clients through the recruiting process.

Client Testimonials

Praise for Rower's Edge

Maura and Rower’s Edge were not only immensely helpful, but instrumental in my recruiting process. From building my initial list of schools to paring down that list, and eventually choosing a program, I felt supported each step of the way. The recruiting process is not a simple one, but, with Maura’s extensive knowledge of the sport, it became a little less daunting. Armed with a plan of action, I was able to execute each step of the process in a timely manner. Every question I asked had an answer and I was well prepared for interviews and campus visits. Ultimately, I was presented with the opportunity to row at my dream school, how much better can it get?

Praise for Rower's Edge

Rower’s Edge was an essential part of my daughter being recruited for College. Maura and Gail’s  knowledge of colleges and their teams was most beneficial in allowing us to select the best match for our daughter’s education.  They worked with us on a step by step recruitment process so we would not get overwhelmed or discouraged.  Rower’s Edge made the daunting task of finding a college and rowing program manageable. Their personalized attention helped us find the most suitable match for our daughter’s higher education.



Praise for Rower's Edge

Rower’s Edge was extremely helpful to my daughter. They are knowledgeable about colleges, rowing programs, coaches, and recruiting practices.   They provide support and guidance for each phase of recruiting process.   They helped her identify schools of interest and assisted her with initial communications and meetings with coaches.  They helped her prepare for official visits and navigate the final crucial weeks of communicating her interest to coaches until the decision was made.  Athletic recruiting can be confusing and overwhelming at times.  With Rower’s Edge, my daughter felt confident that she was getting expert advice based on knowledge and years of experience.    She is thrilled to be attending her first choice school.