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New Recruiting Critical Dates

Recent NCAA Rules have been adopted which change dates for recruiting.  This allows recruits to begin communication with coaches as early as June 15th after sophomore year in high school. Below are specific dates for coach contact and face to face meetings. Correspondence/Private message: 6/15 after sophomore year Incoming/outgoing calls: 6/15 after sophomore year Unofficial/Official […]

Young Recruits

Recruiting of student athletes in middle school and early in high school  is problematic on many levels.  

“Walking On” to a college rowing team

Princetonian newspaper explains what it mean to be a  “walk on” as well as  how rosters are created for both Men’s and Women’s heavy/open weight and lightweight teams.

College are tracking students as part of admissions process

The recent Wall Street Journal article “Colleges Mine Data on Their Applicants” (WSJ January 26, 2019 by Douglas Belkin) describes colleges tracking of applicants “demonstrated interest” in a school.  The goal of this tracking is to protect  the schools “yield” or number of students who enroll after being accepted.   This became more important with […]

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