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The Power of Teamwork

The sport of rowing best demonstrates the power of teamwork.

Life lessons learned from rowing

Competitive rowing teaches lessons that are invaluable for all aspects of life.

College acceptance is only one step towards success

Now is the season for early decision and while everyone hopes for a positive decision the reality is that  many different colleges can work very well  for you.

“What Colleges Want in an Applicant (Everything)”

Eric Hoover writes in a New York Times (Education Life section)  article dated November 1, 2017 “The admissions process is a maddening mishmash of competing objectives, and an attempt to measure the unmeasurable: you.  No, it isn’t fair, and likely never will be.” Rower’s Edge can help recruited athletes navigate a different experience but the […]

Coaches look beyond rowing

College coaches look at more than rowing stats when thinking about a potential recruit. They want to “know” as much about the rower/coxswain as possible to help them determine if the athlete will be a good match for the team. While rowing performance is of primary importance to a college rowing coach, recruits should understand […]