Consulting Services

The Race Plan

  • Demystify the college recruiting process
  • Discuss what the rower/coxswain is looking for in the college rowing experience
  • Review the rower/coxswain’s standing on the current high school team
  • Overview of rower/coxswain’s academic position
  • Discuss rowing program options (DI, DII, DIII)
  • Develop initial list of college rowing programs
  • Discuss initial plan for college visits
  • Discussion of athletic scholarships
  • Provide comprehensive personalized recruiting roadmap

The Start

  • Guidance on high school rowing including summer program options
  • Assist in preparation of rowing resume
  • Create individual time line for testing and college visits
  • Begin process of evaluating DI (Ivy League or scholarship schools), DII, or DIII
  • Guidance on particulars of communication with college coaches and college visits
  • Narrow list of colleges and rowing programs
  • Prepare parents and rower/coxswain for meetings with coaches
  • Feedback after initial college visits and coach meetings
  • Guidance on maneuvering through the system
  • Continual critical assessment of recruiting progress

The Sprint

  • Guidance on submission of academic information for pre-read
  • Targeted communication with coaches
  • Guidance with respect to options and timing of official visits
  • Advice on how to obtain and evaluate recruiting offers
  • Aid and support in decision making among college options
  • Critical assessment of recruit’s position with respect to recruiting and possible acceptance
  • Guidance on how to line up the choices and craft a proper plan for selecting top choice while keeping options open

Rower’s Edge actively communicates with clients and their parents in order to keep the process moving forward. We continually monitor our client’s recruiting position, provide support 24/7 and are available to answer questions and address any and all issues which may arise.