Get Recruited to Row

How We Work


Rower’s Edge begins working with clients as soon as they know they want to row in college. Recruiting is highly competitive and can be very stressful. A rower/coxswain must distinguish himself/herself athletically and meet admission thresholds in order to get recruited.

Rower’s Edge has a proven track record. Our personal attention and insight help ease the stress of this daunting process and get the best possible results for our clients.

Initial Consultation


In order to get the process started, we meet with the rower/coxswain and parent to create a college recruiting plan which outlines expectations and goals commensurate with rower/coxswain’s performance both academically and athletically. Learn more about the race plan process.

Continuing Consultation


College Recruiting does not always take a straight path. Rower’s Edge works hand in hand with clients and their parents to implement and adjust the college recruiting plan as clients mature and new opportunities develop. Rower’s Edge actively communicates with both the student athlete and their parents in order to keep the process moving forward.

We continually monitor our client’s recruiting position, provide support 24/7 and are available to answer questions and address any and all issues which may arise.  We work with our clients until college acceptance and final decision.