Winter is a great time to get started

The winter season is a great time to get started with your college search and college rowing recruiting process.  The best place to begin is to  use college websites (including the athletic/rowing page of the school website) and reference books to gain as much information as you can about the schools and rowing programs in […]

Visit schools during down time

  While visiting schools is time consuming, it is critically important to the recruiting process.  We know that it is hard to find the time to make the visits during racing season so we suggest using the non-racing season to make as many visits as you can.  For those of you in the colder climates, […]

Polls are a useful tool

The best way to use the polls is as one of many tools to gather information about rowing programs. Remember that programs can change from year to year with the addition of new recruiting classes as well as any change of  coaching that may occur. We like to look at all the polls listed on […]

Being a woman athlete has positive influence on hiring decisions

Report by the EY Women Athletes Business Network and espnW find that most top women executives played sports in college and that being an athlete may accelerate leadership and career potential.–leadership-and-career-potential

NCAA Recruiting Chart

NCAA Recruiting rules are complicated and can be confusing for a prospect.  Recent rule changes are often misinterpreted by prospect and their parents.  Recruiting rules are different for different sports and are different for D I, D II and D III programs.   The following chart gives a good  outline of the rules that apply […]