Information gathering is essential

Many of our clients want to send emails to coaches at schools which they have never visited and about which they really have no information. They often feel an urgency about starting to communicate so that they can be “ahead of the pack”. Success in recruiting is not about being first to communicate with a […]

Walk ons to a college rowing team can compete at the highest levels

Rowing is a sport which can be started in high school and even college.  Walk ons with no experience can learn the sport and within their college career could achieve expertise to allow them to compete at the highest levels.

Make the most of Official visits

Official visits are a great way to get an inside look at a rowing team as well as the life of a student athlete in college. Just as there are many varieties and different “cultures” among academic institutions, there are just as many variations among rowing teams. It is important to look beyond the excitement […]

Stress can be beneficial

Reframing stress into excitement or preparation can yield better results.

2K Training Takes Time

The 2K is all important in the recruiting process since this is one of the ways in which college coaches evaluate a rower’s ability and potential. It is what we call the “SAT/ACT” for rowing. College coaches often have a target 2K that they want to see and they will communicate this with potential recruits. […]