Ivy League proposes NCAA legislation against early recruiting

Early recruiting can be harmful to high school athletes-changing their focus from academic and athletic development to the college search.  Early commitments may change if the prospect does not progress  academically  or athletically as expected or if the prospect is injured.   http://www.thedartmouth.com/article/2016/11/ivy-league-proposes-new-legislation-to-combat-early-recruiting

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Academics make a difference

College coaches want motivated student athletes.  This motivation can be demonstrated both athletically and academically. Plan your high school courses wisely. The academic courses you pick in your junior and senior year of high school can indicate your ability to push yourself academically but may also demonstrate your academic interests. Recruiting is very competitive and […]

Title IX compliance at Dartmouth

Interesting analysis of how Title IX  impacts  the Dartmouth University athletic department. http://www.thedartmouth.com/article/2016/11/separate-and-equal-an-depth-look-at-dartmouth-athletics-compliance-with-title-ix

Talent alone will not get your recruited

It takes more than talent and skill to get recruited and Coaches are looking to recruit athletes who will integrate well into their team.  Your actions on and off the field/water can make all the difference. http://www.jamesleath.com/your-talent-will-get-you-noticed-but-your-character-will-get-you-recruited/