Being a woman athlete has positive influence on hiring decisions

Report by the EY Women Athletes Business Network and espnW find that most top women executives played sports in college and that being an athlete may accelerate leadership and career potential.–leadership-and-career-potential

NCAA Recruiting Chart

NCAA Recruiting rules are complicated and can be confusing for a prospect.  Recent rule changes are often misinterpreted by prospect and their parents.  Recruiting rules are different for different sports and are different for D I, D II and D III programs.   The following chart gives a good  outline of the rules that apply […]

Patience is a virtue

  Junior rowers and coxswains often look at more senior members of their teams and lose sight of the hard work and many seasons of rowing/coxing that it takes to get into the most competitive boats on a team.  For rowers and coxswains who are early in their career-be sure to give yourself the time […]

High school rowing is exploding

Crew can be a perfect sport for high school students who have never “found” their sport. Rowing is the ultimate team sport providing strong community for both athletes and their families.

Head of Charles video

Check out this video about racing at the Head of the Charles. It is great to understand the course before the race. While Friday’s practice time starts earlier this year (2014) many teams may not have an opportunity to get on the course before the race. This is a great video for both coxswains and […]