To Parents:

We know that this time of year is as stressful on you as it is on your kids. It is an emotional roller coaster for all.  We understand what you are going through-since we went through it with our 5 kids as well as with many of our clients. You know that your kids are […]

College Visits

Spring is a great time to make college visits if  you can find the time. Most high school athletes grab a day or two during spring vacation (of course working around their practice schedules) to make some college visits.  Since May is around the corner,  it will be  harder to find the time to visit […]

Every Boat is Important

Remember that being the 1V is not the only important boat in college. Every member of every boat contributes to the success of the team.  The success and hard work of the 2V makes the 1V faster so-regardless of which boat you are in-give it your best everyday and at every practice. Lots of kids […]

Academics are critical in admissions

The Academic Index (“A.I.”) is  calculated using a recruit’s high school GPA and scores on standardized tests.  The A.I. (which is a purely academic measurement) is the initial measurement in determining the  admissibility of a student athlete to an Ivy League school.