Standardized tests

Winter is a great time to get  started on completion of required testing-SAT/ACT/SAT II.  Admissions requirements are different for each school.  Take time now to understand what you will need to complete an application to every school in which you are interested.  For recruiting purposes it is best if you can have all required testing […]

Winter College Visits

Winter is a great time to make college visits. While the weather may be less than optimal, winter is generally a less intense season so may be one of the best times to visit.  It is very important as part of the recruiting process to get on campus  to get a “feel” of the campus […]

Proper nutrition is critical for peak performance

  Nutrition is critically important for peak performance and overall health.  Now is a great time to think about nutrition as part of your overall training plan.

Coaches look at social media

Just like prospective employers, college coaches will look at you on social media.  Inappropriate posts, pictures, tweets and conversations can end possible recruiting.  Participants in collegiate athletic programs represent the  college or university for which they compete and coaches may consider your public personna as part of the recruiting process.