Colleges may ask for access to Facebook

We have always told student-athletes (and for that matter all students) to be careful about posts on their Facebook page.  Whenever you post on Facebook, you must assume that anyone who wants to see the post, can get to  it.  A recent report finds that some employers and colleges are asking for access to Facebook […]

Attitude is important in rowing recruiting process

A positive  attitude is critically important throughout the rowing recruiting process and a negative attitude will be noticed by a college coach and may be cause for concern.  Coaches are aware that one person’s attitude can influence others on the team-both positively and negatively.  Be the person who will be a positive influence on others.  […]

Find your “Match”

The college where you get recruited is based on your academic performance, test scores, erg scores  and race performance.  Just because you row does not mean you will get recruited.  The college admissions office is responsible for your admission so you must have the appropriate academic profile for the school.  Make it as easy as […]

UPenn looks for walk-ons

Most college rowing teams encourage anyone interested to try out as a “walk on”.