UPenn looks for walk-ons

Most college rowing teams encourage anyone interested to try out as a “walk on”. http://www.thedp.com/article/2014/08/penn-rowing-reaches-out-to-freshmen 

Legacy applications given more attention:

A recent study of 30 highly selective colleges finds that “legacy applicants are more likely than non-legacy applicants to receive admissions offers”. The study also found that some of the admissions offices give legacy applications more “reads” than non-legacy applications. http://thedartmouth.com/2011/1/20/news/legacy

Early Decision spots are hard to get

Dartmouth college admitted 465 students through the early decision process for the class of 2016.  The applicants are exceptionally strong with higher SAT scores than in the past.  While recruiting can be helpful with college admissions, it is critical that the student-athlete stay on top of the process in a focused and organized manner because […]

NCAA Rule changes will affect student athletes

Overview of some of the NCAA rule changes that will affect student athletes. Please note that the rule allowing initial contact by college coach beginning September 1st of a prospect’s junior year is effective starting August 1, 2014.  See NCAA.org for full explanation of all recruiting rules.   http://thedartmouth.com/2014/08/08/sports/new-ncaa-policies-will-impact-dartmouth-student-athletes