Great Time to Learn More about College Teams

Now is a great time to read about college teams and see their latest results. The collegiate spring racing season is finished with the exception of upcoming championship races. You should become familiar with all the spring races so that you get a complete picture of the college rowing “scene”. Check out the great results […]

College coaches want to know what you learned from your races

Everyone loves to win but 1st place is not always the place to learn the most from a race. High school rowers and coxswains need to remember that they are in high school and should always be looking to learn from and improve for their next race and next season. College coaches want to know […]

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Attitude is Critical in Recruiting

A positive attitude is very important throughout the rowing recruiting process and a negative attitude will be noticed by a college coach and may be cause for concern. Coaches are aware that one person’s attitude can influence others on the team-both positively and negatively. Be the person who will be a positive influence on others. It […]

Rowing Division I is a Serious Commitment

To row on a Division I team takes time and commitment. All Division I teams work hard but college coaches who want to move up in the rankings are working their teams harder than ever. Rowers must stay fit which may mean training on their own in addition to team practice. It is important for […]