The 2K is all important in the recruiting process since this is one of the ways in which college coaches evaluate a rower’s ability and potential. It is what we call the “SAT/ACT” for rowing.

College coaches often have a target 2K that they want to see and they will communicate this with potential recruits. This number can be daunting to a potential recruit depending on where you are in the process, how long you have been rowing and what year you are in high school. It is important to remember that there is a process for getting faster on the erg and it takes time and effort to drop time. Be sure to think about how you will approach your training and take the time necessary to properly train. It can be difficult to fit in erg training during racing season so many rowers plan to do 2K’s during non racing seasons. There is no particular time by which you need to have your PR 2k but the better the time, the more interest you will get from college coaches.

Also-depending on your individual circumstance, it can be beneficial to show college coaches your previous 2K’s so that they can see your progress.