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College coaches understand that all high school teams are not equal

There are many different levels of high school rowing teams across the country. Some teams have national reputations and are in the elite group of teams who are top finishers in regattas each season. Other teams are less developed, may draw from a much smaller population or are located in areas where rowing is less […]


Coaches look beyond rowing

College coaches look at more than rowing stats when thinking about a potential recruit. They want to “know” as much about the rower/coxswain as possible to help them determine if the athlete will be a good match for the team. While rowing performance is of primary importance to a college rowing coach, recruits should understand […]

“Other” Factors in Recruiting Can Make a Difference

High school athletes who want to try to get recruited need to be proactive to “get on a coach’s radar”. Coaches are interested in fast erg scores, strong academics and good water performance. Individual schools and coaches have their own parameters for each of these categories and it is important for recruits to understand the […]

Stress for Parents and Student Athletes

It is a given that parents want their high school athletes to succeed in everything they attempt. For a high school athlete the strain of competition both in the classroom and in athletics can be particularly stressful. While there is no way to relieve all of the stress for your high school athlete, there are […]

Men’s Collegiate rowing

Great article about  Men’s rowing in terms of both  funding and opportunities.   http://www.row2k.com/features/1032/Men-s-Rowing-in-the-U-S–Part-3–Little-Money–Lots-of-Opportunity-in-Men-s-Collegiate-Rowing/

Understand Team Expectations

Rowing teams have different levels of performance both among divisions as well as within Division I, II, or III. Likewise, individual coaches have a wide range of expectations of their athletes based both upon their expertise as well as their determination about what works best for their individual team. Some teams expect individuals to cross […]

Train for your erg test

The erg score is very important. College coaches are interested not only in your PR but in the progression of your erg training. They may also want to see erg tests of different distances. It is critical to prepare for each and every erg test since there may not be as many opportunities to erg […]

Confusion around new SAT

Evaluating new SAT scores is difficult since the test is relatively new and some experts think more data is needed. http://www.thedp.com/article/2017/01/penn-regular-decision-update-2021

Your Progress is Important

This is the critical winter training season for many high school rowers. Critical because this is the best season to focus on improving the all important erg score. While it is beneficial to have an ultimate erg score goal, it is also very important is to continue to improve each time you “test”. Analysis of […]

Boston college -great school is perfect match for football star

Boston college: great school, strong academics and alumni network make the BC perfect match for Matt Ryan, star football quarterback. http://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/colleges/2016/11/18/matt-ryan-thrilled-have-number-retired/xZFxmTdlgGb4LtqkfVS6fO/story.html?s_campaign=8315