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One Popular Misconception

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding rowing and recruiting. We are hearing from some parents who heard (from who -they do not know)  that just because their son or daughter is a member of a rowing team in high school, that this will mean that they will get recruited and/or make it easier for […]

To Parents: Helping your stressed out student athletes

We know that this time of year is as stressful on you as it is on your kids. It is an emotional roller coaster for all.  We understand what you are going through-since we went through it with our 5 kids as well as with many of our clients. You know that your kids are […]

Social life takes a distant 3rd

Junior spring is one of the toughest seasons for rowers/coxswains.  You need to stay on top of your schoolwork since your grades and test scores are an important part of your college application.  Race performance is also important since this is what will get the attention of the college coaches. While you can take  some […]

Academics are equally important as rowing

Academics are critically important and can determine where you may or may not get recruited. While coaches can be very encouraging to a potential recruit, it is the admissions office which admits students not the coaches. A recruit needs to meet the school’s academic admissions standards in order to get recruited. Many coaches, through years […]

Recruiting standards can change from year to year

The college recruiting process is very personal and is different for each prospective recruit.  Each rower/coxswain’s profile is unique both in terms of rowing as well as academic achievement. Be aware that who gets recruited can change from year to year depending on the profiles of the potential recruits-so stories about who got recruited by […]

Reach out to college coaches

As rowing is exploding for high school athletes, college coaches can’t possibly all the athletes who are recruitable. They appreciate athletes reaching out to them and showing serious interest in their programs. All recruits need to be their own advocates. Coaches want to hear directly from student athletes. Critical recruiting information includes: height, weight, erg […]

Recruits come from all boats on a team

There is no question that being in a fast 1V with good rowing results is helpful with recruiting. However, even if you are in the 2V or 3V, and have never won a race you should not give up on recruiting or on getting stronger as a rower/coxswain. College coaches are looking for strong rowers […]

Standardized tests

Winter is a great time to get  started on completion of required testing-SAT/ACT/SAT II.  Admissions requirements are different for each school.  Take time now to understand what you will need to complete an application to every school in which you are interested.  For recruiting purposes it is best if you can have all required testing […]

Winter College Visits

Winter is a great time to make college visits. While the weather may be less than optimal, winter is generally a less intense season so may be one of the best times to visit.  It is very important as part of the recruiting process to get on campus  to get a “feel” of the campus […]

Proper nutrition is critical for peak performance

  Nutrition is critically important for peak performance and overall health.  Now is a great time to think about nutrition as part of your overall training plan. http://www.usrowing.org/News/15-01-05/Five_Nutrition_Resolutions_Every_Young_Rower_Should_Make.aspx