Recruiting of student athletes in middle school and early in high school  is problematic on many levels.


Princetonian newspaper explains what it mean to be a  “walk on” as well as  how rosters are created for both Men’s and Women’s heavy/open weight and lightweight teams.

Litigation in Boston over Harvard’s admissions process reveals multitude of factors that determine whether a candidate is admitted.

“Underwhelming personalities can even undermine the prospects of elite athletes. Exhibit A: the case of a woman who’d been recruited for the Harvard crew team, whose documented lack of “spark or enthusiasm or any particularly compelling or appealing quality” torpedoed her admissions chances.” Boston Globe Metro 10/28/2018

Now is the season for early decision and while everyone hopes for a positive decision the reality is that  many different colleges can work very well  for you.

Eric Hoover writes in a New York Times (Education Life section)  article dated November 1, 2017

“The admissions process is a maddening mishmash of competing objectives, and an attempt to measure the unmeasurable: you.  No, it isn’t fair, and likely never will be.”

Rower’s Edge can help recruited athletes navigate a different experience but the process is competitive because  many qualified athletes are competing for limited spots.

College coaches look at more than rowing stats when thinking about a potential recruit. They want to “know” as much about the rower/coxswain as possible to help them determine if the athlete will be a good match for the team. While rowing performance is of primary importance to a college rowing coach, recruits should understand that coaches will look beyond rowing in their decision making. Behavior on official visits can impact a coach’s determination about recruiting an individual athlete. Likewise, coaches will search social media to learn more about an athlete. Inappropriate social media posts can be detrimental to the recruiting of an athlete. Remember that everything you post is public and assume that it will be seen by the college coach with whom you are trying to build a relationship.

Great article about  Men’s rowing in terms of both  funding and opportunities.–Part-3–Little-Money–Lots-of-Opportunity-in-Men-s-Collegiate-Rowing/