The decision to transfer school can be complicated. Athletes may transfer schools but must follow guidelines which may result in not competing for a period of time.

The Wall Street Journal examines the important role of athletic trainers in both prevention and recovery specifically for junior athletes.



Even Olympian rowers move between weight classes.  A weight classification can have a big impact on your “non-rowing” life. For high school rowers the issue can be especially complicated since many high school rowers are still growing and training increases as they progress through the ranks of  their high school teams.

Indoor rowing is popular with non-rowers for its full body workout. Rowing “studios” are popping up in throughout the US and are the latest addition to the boutique fitness market.


Just as employers see posts/tweets created by employees so too do both high school and college coaches. With the continued rise of social media, student athletes at both the high school and college levels must understand that anything they post/tweet or otherwise place in the social media sphere is accessible by their coach, athletic director or others in positions of authority. Inappropriate tweets/posts can result in suspension from a team, the end of recruitment or withdrawal of an offer of admission and/or financial support.

Building a strong novice team requires time and attention from coaches at both the high school and college level. Successful novice teams build a love of the sport and also integrate the novice rowers into the team as a whole.

College is a new and exciting experience-take advantage of students who are on campus.  They probably had the  questions and concerns that you have.

George Washington University dropped standardized tests as a requirement for admission beginning with the 2016-2017 school year.

Academics are critically important and can determine where you may or may not get recruited. While coaches can be very encouraging to a potential recruit, it is the admissions office which admits students not the coaches. A recruit needs to meet the school’s academic admissions standards in order to get recruited. Many coaches, through years of experience may have a good sense of whether a recruit will meet the academic standards of a school but if you are “on the bubble” in terms of academics, it can be harder to predict.

Different schools have more or less flexibility in terms of academic performance and admissions. Student athletes need to understand the importance of academics and may end up reducing their options and miss opportunities by not giving their schoolwork enough attention.