Nutrition is critically important for peak performance and overall health.  Now is a great time to think about nutrition as part of your overall training plan.

Just like prospective employers, college coaches will look at you on social media.  Inappropriate posts, pictures, tweets and conversations can end possible recruiting.  Participants in collegiate athletic programs represent the  college or university for which they compete and coaches may consider your public personna as part of the recruiting process.

Report by the EY Women Athletes Business Network and espnW find that most top women executives played sports in college and that being an athlete may accelerate leadership and career potential.–leadership-and-career-potential

Crew can be a perfect sport for high school students who have never “found” their sport. Rowing is the ultimate team sport providing strong community for both athletes and their families.

Check out this video about racing at the Head of the Charles.  It is great to be able to learn about the course since many teams will not have an opportunity to practice. This is a terrific video for coxswains and rowers.

We have always told student-athletes (and for that matter all students) to be careful about posts on their Facebook page.  Whenever you post on Facebook, you must assume that anyone who wants to see the post, can get to  it.  A recent report finds that some employers and colleges are asking for access to Facebook pages.

A recent study of 30 highly selective colleges finds that “legacy applicants are more likely than non-legacy applicants to receive admissions offers”. The study also found that some of the admissions offices give legacy applications more “reads” than non-legacy applications.

UVA Women’s Head coach Kevin Sauer talks about Title IX and its importance for women’s rowing.

Dartmouth college admitted 465 students through the early decision process for the class of 2016.  The applicants are exceptionally strong with higher SAT scores than in the past.  While recruiting can be helpful with college admissions, it is critical that the student-athlete stay on top of the process in a focused and organized manner because there is a lot of competition for very few spots.