Overview of some of the NCAA rule changes that will affect student athletes. Please note that the rule allowing initial contact by college coach beginning September 1st of a prospect’s junior year is effective starting August 1, 2014.  See NCAA.org for full explanation of all recruiting rules.



Athletes  can be active members of varsity teams as well as sing, dance and act.  Student-athletes find a great match when they combine their sport with their love of the arts.


Official visits offer tremendous value to a potential recruit and can be the time when a recruit decides which school is right match.


Great article in the Yale Daily news explains the details of recruiting caps as well as admissions standards for student athletes.


Recruiting involves analysis of a prospect’s academic and athletic qualifications and there can be wide variation among individual colleges and universities.


Kevin Sauer talks about character, erg scores, weight and recruiting at UVA.


Topher Bordeau interviews Maura and Gail about how Rower’s Edge works with high school rowers and coxswains who want to get recruited to row or cox in college.  They identify some common issues in how to get recruited to row or cox in college: rowers and coxswains not knowing and  how to get started and keep the process moving forward to the setting of unrealistic goals.
Rower’s Edge Rowing News Interview

Certain issues are  common among female athletes and need to be addressed differently than for male athletes.  Athletes who participate in sports with weight classifications (such as rowing) are more prone to eating disorders.