There are many different levels of high school rowing teams across the country. Some teams have national reputations and are in the elite group of teams who are top finishers in regattas each season. Other teams are less developed, may draw from a much smaller population or are located in areas where rowing is less popular.

While college coaches will recognize the names of some teams, they may have no familiarity with the smaller or newer rowing teams. As a rower or coxswain, it is important for you to communicate both about yourself and your team when you are developing a relationship with a college coach. If you are a member of a less developed team, you should seek out any opportunity to further develop your rowing/coxing skills. Use the summer season to row/cox for another team. Joining a masters team is also a possibility if there is no junior team that is available to you. If you are a member of a masters team, explain how this came about to the college coach. This will give the coach a more complete picture of you and your motivation to improve your skills.