Remember that being the 1V is not the only important boat in college. Every member of every boat contributes to the success of the team.  The success and hard work of the 2V makes the 1V faster so-regardless of which boat you are in-give it your best everyday and at every practice. Lots of kids may come to college having had great success in the 1V in their high school program.  Depending on the college program and where you rowed in high school, rowing at the collegiate level can be a significant step up.  Give yourself a break and don’t expect to make the 1V right away.  Depending on the program, the freshmen may have a designated boat (this can differ for men and women’s teams) so making the 1V would be out for your first year.  Don’t worry about this since if you are in a college program that keep the freshmen separate, this is a great time to really get to know the other freshmen on the team. If you are on a team that integrates all rowers, give it your best shot at every practice but remember that as good as you were in high school, your upperclass college team-mates have more experience than you do during your first year.  You may never make the 1V during your entire 4 year career.  Don’t despair-while it may be tough at times to see the 1V getting the glory (if they are a winning boat) remember that the 2V and 3V make them faster.  Every seat is “up for grabs” to the fastest rower and best coxswain so give it your best and enjoy being a member of the team.