High school athletes who want to try to get recruited need to be proactive to “get on a coach’s radar”. Coaches are interested in fast erg scores, strong academics and good water performance. Individual schools and coaches have their own parameters for each of these categories and it is important for recruits to understand the specific standards for each program.

Beyond the “numbers”,  coaches look for intangibles in their evaluation of potential recruits. These can include getting to know about the recruit’s character, intrinsic drive, attitude, and passion for rowing. Coaches want recruits who can will be able to handle unexpected and difficult situations, are willing to do what they need in order to progress, are willing to challenge themselves, are able to take constructive criticism and strive for excellence.

A very important factor in the process is that the recruit must “own” each step. Parents are obviously active participants, however, the student athlete must take charge and do the work at each step along the way. Just as parents cannot row the boat, so they should not do the recruiting work for their child. This is important from the college coach perspective since coaches want to communicate and develop a relationship directly with the recruit. Recruiting takes time and effort and the most successful recruits take ownership of each step including important strategic decisions along the way.