Now is a great time to read about college teams and see their latest results. The collegiate spring racing season is finished with the exception of upcoming championship races. You should become familiar with all the spring races so that you get a complete picture of the college rowing “scene”.

Check out the great results from teams with new coaches.  If you love a school but the rowing program is not as strong as you would like, remember that coaches can change and a program can improve dramatically.

It can feel like “musical chairs” among college teams with some gaining a lot of speed and moving up in the rankings while others have less movement.  It is important to focus not just on the final results but what teams have done through the entire season since you want to learn not only what teams have done in the past-but where they are going in the future. Row2K is a great resource with both the news articles and race reports (see reports posted on May 20) as well as results for the entire season.