Official visits are a great way to get an inside look at a rowing team as well as the life of a student athlete in college.

Just as there are many varieties and different “cultures” among academic institutions, there are just as many variations among rowing teams. It is important to look beyond the excitement of being on a college campus and consider whether the team seems like a good “match”. Watch how the coach interacts with the rowers and coxswains and how team members interact among themselves as well as the level of seriousness with which everyone approaches practice. Look at the university as a whole-both the academic offerings as well as student energy and enthusiasm for the school.

The official visit is a 2 way street-the recruit is trying to determine if the school and team are a good “match” at the same time the coach and team are trying to determine if the recruit will be a good addition to the team. Also-remember that an official visit is not an offer-it is rather the beginning of the next phase in the recruiting process.