Remember that being the 1V is not the only important boat in college. Every member of every boat contributes to the success of the team.  The success and hard work of the 2V makes the 1V faster so-regardless of which boat you are in-give it your best everyday and at every practice. Lots of kids may come to college having had great success in the 1V in their high school program.  Depending on the college program and where you rowed in high school, rowing at the collegiate level can be a significant step up.  Give yourself a break and don’t expect to make the 1V right away.  Read more

The Academic Index (“A.I.”) is  calculated using a recruit’s high school GPA and scores on standardized tests.  The A.I. (which is a purely academic measurement) is the initial measurement in determining the  admissibility of a student athlete to an Ivy League school.

Ohio State Women’s Rowing team exemplifies true teamwork and top level performance.

Big changes in 2015 for the Oxford-Cambridge race which will  have women race the same course on the same day as the men.  Helena Morrissey, chief executive of Newton Investment Management  and sponsor of the women’s race along with new sponsor of the men’s race, BNY Mellon recognized the need for gender equity and encouraged all parties to support the change.  Another step for women’s rowing!


The good news is that rowing scholarships are available at over 100 US colleges-many more for women’s rowing than for men’s rowing.  Remember however that recruiting and athletic scholarships are not automatic and college coaches  look  for high performing athletes.,0,649731.story?page=2

University of Michigan men’s rowing team works hard and competes on a elite level.  Club rowing at Michigan is all about training hard, racing hard, representing Michigan and loving being part of a team.   As with Varsity rowing, rowing at Michigan becomes such a part of life that many of the rowers could not imagine being at Michigan without being a member of the team.  So-while club rowing may not have the “cache” of varsity rowing, or be able to recruit at the same level, there is more similarity than difference where Michigan is concerned.,3

Compare the affordability and value of college using the US Department of Education “score card”.

In an unprecedented decision, the Board of Trustees of Temple University reversed their decision to eliminate the men’s and women’s rowing teams as varsity teams at  the University.

Many people wonder how an individual rower is evaluated when there are 4 or 8 rowers in a boat.  The answer has many different components one of the most important of which is the erg score.  The erg score for a rower is similar to the SAT or ACT score for academic performance.  Erg scores are considered when a coach is deciding their level of interest in a particular rower.  Some programs have minimum erg scores when considering a prospective student athlete, while other programs are more flexible.  High school rowers should do themselves a favor and work hard on the erg  since this score will follow them into the college admissions process.  Winter training is the best time to focus on the erg and get your best score.