The best way to use the polls is as one of many tools to gather information about rowing programs. Remember that programs can change from year to year with the addition of new recruiting classes as well as any change of  coaching that may occur.

We like to look at all the polls listed on Row2k when gathering information about a program.  If you look at the polls, you can see that the time differences between programs can be quite small so look “deep” and do not write off a program that looks lower in the polls if you really like the school.  It is critically important to ask questions and determine what you are looking for in a school and rowing program independent of any polls. Use the polls as a means of comparison between programs not as the final determiner of your interest in the program.

The Cmax polls are based on statistics and are prominently listed on the Row2K polls indicating recognition of the value of the information.   We agree that none of the polls take all variables into account but when read along with other information such as race results (and comments from those  races) as well as articles written about the teams and their races, they do add a degree of quantitative analysis to what could otherwise be quite subjective conclusions.