The college recruiting process is very personal and is different for each prospective recruit.  Each rower/coxswain’s profile is unique both in terms of rowing as well as academic achievement.

Be aware that who gets recruited can change from year to year depending on the profiles of the potential recruits-so stories about who got recruited by a particular school in the past may not be relevant. In addition it is well understood that erg scores have been getting faster due to the attraction of strong athletes to rowing as well as improved training for many student athletes. It is important to be sure you understand what coaches are looking for in terms of erg scores so that you have a realistic idea of where you stand.

It is hard for both rowers/coxswains as well as their parents not to listen to  and be influenced by “chatter” both from current recruits as well as from people who have been through the process and “know how to do it”.  Try to keep what you hear in perspective and understand that someone else’s conclusions may not be the same as yours.