We have found that student athletes who manage the recruiting process the best are realistic about their goals. These students create a “deep” list with respect to both academics and athletics. At Rower’s Edge, we believe that academics “trump” (no pun intended) athletics and that student athletes often find it helpful to search for the academic match and “layer” the rowing team onto the academics. This is not to say that the recruit is less invested in athletics than academics but rather to note that when a recruit is happy academically, they will more often succeed athletically. Often we will have a client who is a very strong student and less strong rower. At that point, it is important to give thought to the strategy for school choice. Our experience is that most often, this type of student will not choose a less academically competitive school even if offered a recruiting spot. Likewise, a very strong rower who is less strong academically should think about where they will succeed academically so that they will be able to have a fulfilling college rowing experience. Giving thought to the strategy for the recruiting process will result in a more efficient and productive search with little wasted time and effort. We are happy to “reach for the stars” and evaluate any school with every client. We continually re-evaluate whether the client is moving forward in the way that works best for them and will change course mid-stream if necessary. It is important to be patient with the recruiting process since it takes time to figure out where you will have the best college experience.