The recruiting process can be a very exciting time but can also be intimidating and stressful. High school athletes are trying to meet the highest personal standards in both athletics and academics. Erg scores, water performance, standardized tests and strong grades are all important. In most cases, there are ups and downs for every recruit – from disappointing erg scores and races to lower than expected grades on a high school test or transcript. While it is important to do your best, it is equally important not to create unrealistic pressure. Remember that you are not expected to be perfect (you are in high school). The challenge is to do your very best and to find the optimal “match” in both academic and athletics.

A very important factor in the process is that the recruit must “own” each step. Parents are obviously active participants and we at Rower’s Edge welcome as much communication as parents desire. However, the student athlete must take charge and do the work at each step along the way. Just as parents cannot row the boat, so they should not do the recruiting work for their child. This is important from the college coach perspective since coaches want to communicate and develop a relationship directly with the recruit. Recruiting takes time and effort and the most successful recruits take ownership of each step including important strategic decisions along the way.