The first step in the recruiting process involves figuring out how to direct your college search. The best way to start the process is to gather information about the various colleges and rowing programs that might be a good “match” for you. At the same time, it is important to take your academics and rowing seriously since you will not know what your academic and rowing benchmarks will be until your junior year in high school.

We understand that it is very tempting to put off doing research about colleges and rowing programs because your schedule is so busy. If you are thinking about rowing in college and you are a sophomore in high school, you should use the time during sophomore year to do your research-online, with college books and visiting college campuses. If you are a junior, try to streamline your search by using online research tools before you travel to college campuses. Try to make any travel to college campuses  as efficient as possible by grouping colleges geographically before you leave home. Schedule information sessions and college tours and meetings with coaches before you arrive on campus.

The research you do in advance of your junior spring will serve you well whether or not you pursue recruiting. Your research may lead you to choose not to go the recruiting route but rather approach college rowing as a walk on. Whatever you decide, the knowledge you have gained from the process will help give you clarity about your ultimate  decision.