To row on a Division I team takes time and commitment. All Division I teams work hard but college coaches who want to move up in the rankings are working their teams harder than ever. Rowers must stay fit which may mean training on their own in addition to team practice. It is important for high school rowers to understand what it means to row on a college team and the decision to pursue being recruited for a Division I team should not be taken lightly. Many high school rowers are already rowing for a serious high level team and rowing in college is the next logical step for them, while others may be unfamiliar with what it means to train seriously. For every new college rower, there is an adjustment period which happens during freshman year. Remember that you are entering a new environment, away from home which requires that you be more independent that in the past. Take freshman rowing seriously and stick with it through the adjustment period. By sophomore year, you will be in more familiar territory.