Many coaches communicate with hundreds of student-athletes when recruiting for their teams. They often have limited time to read e-mails and make an initial determination about their interest in a potential recruit.  In order to help the coach determine if you might be a good fit for them, it is important to provide the coach with the right information about yourself.  The “3 legged stool” of recruiting is:  SAT/SATII/ACT scores; GPA;  Erg score.  Addition critical information is “on the water performance”.  Some schools no longer require standardized testing as part of their application so you need to provide whatever academics they do require for admission.

Sometimes, potential recruits don’t want to send a test score or erg time because they do not think it is good enough.  The problem with this is that many coaches will not look seriously at a candidate unless then have information in all of the areas listed above, and sometimes not sending a score is a “red flag”.

Recruiting is very individual.  There is no right or wrong answer that fits everyone. Think long and hard about what information to send and when to send it.  If you think you might improve your scores, you may want to hold off communicating with coaches.  However, it is important to balance when and what to communicate to coaches against the recruiting timeline so that coaches know all about you in time to seriously consider you as a potential recruit.