We know that this time of year is as stressful on you as it is on your kids. It is an emotional roller coaster for all.  We understand what you are going through-since we went through it with our 5 kids as well as with many of our clients.

You know that your kids are stressed out and you want to help in any way that you can.  Try to think about what can make your kid’s life easier.  They are being pulled in many different directions with school, racing, testing, and social life.  Explain to them that they have to ease up socially in order to accomplish what they want.  Remind them of their goals-to do as well in school and on the water as possible.  There will be plenty of time for socializing when school and racing ends.  Also-remind them that being on a rowing team is social.  Try to help them be efficient  with their time.  There is no down-time so help them to stay as productive as possible.  We know that these are hard things to do and you may get push back from the kids-be as supportive as you can and understand that they are stressed out.