The erg score is very important. College coaches are interested not only in your PR but in the progression of your erg training. They may also want to see erg tests of different distances.

It is critical to prepare for each and every erg test since there may not be as many opportunities to erg test as you would like. It can be very difficult to erg test during racing seasons since coaches prioritize being on the water in the fall and spring. Winter is the best time to focus on the erg -depending on where you row and whether or not you can row on the water throughout the year.

Figure out what works best for you for the test:

Do you perform better in a familiar environment or in a big indoor erg event?

Does having a coxswain help you or does this create more stress or distraction?

Have you prepared a race plan and how able are you to stick to it?

What anxiety do you have about erging and how can you address this in anticipation of the test?

Do you have (or can you create) a pre-test routine that helps you?

Just as studying for an academic test is critical to good performance, so is  “studying” for the erg test. Finally-while many of you may have a goal in mind when you take the test, take time to evaluate the experience regardless of the result. Be sure to learn from each test so that you can improve the next time.