Now that the Fall season is over, it is important to have a plan for the winter with realistic goals for where you want to be when the spring season starts.

For most high school rowers and coxswains, the winter season is a less time consuming season so it is a great time to focus on things that may have taken a “back seat” in the fall. Standardized testing is important and winter is a great time to “knock off” some of the testing required for your college application. Winter is also a great time to do research on which colleges might be of interest to you and even make a visit to see how the campus feels. Winter training is the time to work hard on the erg so that when spring comes you are as strong and fast as you can be.

It is important thing to stay healthy and strong during the winter. Focus on healthy eating and getting as much sleep as you can. A productive winter season can be a great starting point for a successful spring.